FAQ for Athletes

Sponsoo is for

  • individual athletes
  • sports teams
  • sports clubs
  • sports associations
  • sports event

of any league or sports.

Sponsoo makes the sponsorship search easier. Sports people benefit from having a professional online presence and from increased visibility. This improves your chances to get a successful sponsorship deal. 

Financial sponsorships, service sponsorships or good sponsorships ("barter deals").

The registration is free. Only if we broker a sponsorship for you we charge a 20% success fee.

Yes, until a total sum of EUR 35,000, sponsorship revenues are tax-advantaged. In individual cases, even amounts that go beyond the allowance may not be subject to corporate or trade tax.

(Legal topics are researched with the greatest possible care. However, please note that we can't guarantee for the correctness of our answers).

Sponsorship on Sponsoo works in three easy steps.

  1. You create a free Sponsoo account.
  2. You create sponsorship packages that you offer to a sponsor (for example shirt sponsorship or banner advertising).
  3. A sponsor buys one of your sponsorship packages. Deal.

Together with you, we help with the execution of the sponsorship - quick and easy.

You can decide yourself who can see your sponsorship profile. You can choose between different privacy settings.

Yes. You can state in your Sponsoo profile which kind of organisations you don't want to have as sponsors (for example the tobacco or erotic industry).

No, in this case you don't incur any costs. We want to help sports people. Therefore we only charge a sales commission (20% of the net sponsorship sum) if we successfully broker a sponsorship deal for you. If you don't find a sponsor on Sponsoo, you will not have to pay anything.

We are only going to charge you a sales commission of 20% of the total sponsorship volume (plus VAT) if you successfully close a sponsorship deal on Sponsoo. For example, if you find a sponsor for 1,000 Euro (net), you will receive 800 Euro and Sponsoo will get 200 Euro. Sponsoo uses the 200 Euro to pay for the sales team that has acquired your sponsor.

You only need to pay anything if you found the sponsor on Sponsoo. Sponsoo is free of charge as long as you don't find a sponsor. You can also still search for sponsors off-platform because Sponsoo doesn't demand exclusivity.

Sponsoo improves your chances to successfully close a sponsorship deal. How much the probability improves in individual cases depends on the quality of the sponsorship packages that you offer a sponsor.

Yes. If you create high-quality sponsorship offers, your chances of finding a sponsor improve significantly. A good profile contains as much relevant information about you, your team, or your club as possible. Transparency creates trust.

After you found a sponsor, Sponsoo supports you with the execution of the sponsorship, for example by providing a free sponsorship framework contract.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you send a description of the problem - with a screenshot - to support@sponsoo.de, we'll take care of you problem as fast as possible.

We want to make professional sport sponsorship accessible for everybody.

You can learn more about our team at www.sponsoo.de/about.

Just email us at support@sponsoo.de or call us at +49 178 714 5167.