Annie Cornay

 Franklin Volleyball


Played first year of division one collegiate volleyball career at Boston College then transferred to represent Texas Christian University volleyball in the fall of 2021.


I am a huge supporter of recognition for products I am passionate about. Being a Communications and Marketing major, I think brand collaboration would pose as a fantastic experience in the business and negotiation world during my collegiate years. Hard work, passion, discipline, and resilience are remarkably important to me as well as developing all aspects of myself such as mind,  physical body, and spirit. That being said, I would be so happy to work with you! 

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Key figures for sponsors

I have over 1,575 Instagram followers and am a part of the TCU Volleyball team we are televised on the Big 12 Network. Per game, we are accompanied by no less than 1,300 attendees, and often times our audiences reach over 5,000 people.