Dream Chafers

 Newcastle Mid-distance running, Cycling, Swimming ...


The premier local amateur triathlon club in Newcastle. We are the assembly of the top emerging athletes in the region. Watch as we ascend the highest heights of strava leaderboards, and prove to both ourselves, and our parents... that we can be MORE!


We are an emerging group with an exciting and diverse group of high performers. Regularly going to events in our immediate and extended region. This includes parkruns, group rides,  and larger competitive events such as RunNewcastle, the Spark Helmore Triathlon and more.

We have engaged in fundraising initiatives for charities including Starlight, Black Dog and Save the Children. We also have a positive community influence with other local groups etc.

As a group with custom singlets and real estate for sponsorship, we are looking to have a sponsor visible on our kits that we believe in.  We will not engage with partners that do not hold values similar to us. We are hoping that a partnership will offer us the opportunity to develop in our skills more through in-kind donations of equipment or nutrition,  or through helping financially support us in entering events.

Key figures for sponsors

Social media - We do not have a team account however across our 15 members, we have several thousand unique followers. Many of us have an online presence which communicates healthy lifestyle, and physical activity.

Our presence in the press has only existed when embarking on big challenges. An example was when we embarked on 100,000 steps in a single day for charity. The link details this, and it was positive exposure - https://www.nbnnews.com.au/2020/11/11/newcastle-group-embarks-on-marathon-fundraising-challenge/