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matteo Righetti

 Roma Wind Surfing, Surfing


I am a pro windsurfer from Rome, i love surfing waves, doing tricks and pushing over the water. I compete in national end international race with good results, for example last year i won the Italian slalom championship under 20 title fin and foil.


i'm a pro windsurf athlete with a decent influence in Italy, I also compete in different championships with good results, last year i become italian youth champion in slalom foil and fin.

I'm searching a cool brand that believe in me and my projects for the future.

I help a lot of people growing in the sport, giving them tips and free lessons; my passion for windsurfing is something unwritable…

My dream is to become a better version of myself every year and grow with how believed in me!


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I use instagram as main social media although on the social aspect i'm trying to grow as fast as possible thanks to different sponsorship and many races around the world.